Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry
of the Southern Federal University
(ex- Rostov State University)

of master training on specialization “Physical chemistry”
at the Department of Chemistry of Southern Federal

The program of masters – chemist’s specialized training is the basic educational program corresponding to the second level in the system of higher vocational training. The main goal of the program is getting the profound professional knowledge, skills in corresponding spheres of activity. It is intended to use the program as the basic tool in the preparation for one or several kinds of activity: to research, scientific and pedagogical, technological, and also to other kinds of activity, first of all, innovative. Represented basic education program of master’s training on specialization "Physical chemistry" has been developed on the basis of modern state educational standard; the program includes the curriculum, programs of subject matters, programs of practice and research, and also pedagogical works. The main feature of the educational part of the program is introduction in blocks of generally professional and professional - guided disciplines essential amount of innovative component including:

•  Nanotechnological aspects of coordination chemistry;

•  Synthesis and properties of novel materials based on photo- and magnetoactive substances;

•  Applied computing quantum chemistry of coordination compounds;

•  Magnetic properties of polynuclear complexes and the directed design of molecular magnets and many other aspects of priority guidelines of chemistry development. 

Besides marked above the educational program of masters-chemist’s specialized training includes such traditional for specialization “Physical Chemistry” disciplines as “Theory of coordination compound’s structure” and “Physical methods of study in chemistry”. The latter implies, first of all, theoretical and practical study of such principal methods as infra red spectroscopy, spectroscopy of nuclear magnetic resonance, spectroscopy of electron spin resonance, electron spectroscopy, EXAFS spectroscopy, dipole moment’s method.

The submitted sections find the logic reflection in subjects of scientific researches of master students the background of which is formed by the works of well-known scientific schools of the Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry of Southern Federal university. The master’s program includes the performance of scientific researches on the following items:

•  Synthesis and physical – chemical investigation of novel coordination compounds with O, N, S, P – containing organic ligands;

•  Synthesis of nano-scaled coordination compounds;

•  Obtaining and analysis of physical – chemical properties of the novel nano-scaled magnetic materials;

•  Molecular magnetism. Synthesis of the novel types of molecular magnets with predicted magnetochemical behavior, the directed design of bi-and polynuclear transition metal coordination compounds with ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic character of exchange interactions;

•  Supramolecular systems based on photo- and magnetoactive substances.

The master students are supposed to participate in carrying out of joint researches in collaboration with the scientists from such largest scientific centres as Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry named by Kurnakov (RAS, Moscow), Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry named by Frumkin (RAS, Moscow), International Tomographic Center (Novosibirsk), Institute of problems of chemical physics (Chernogolovka, Moscow). The above-mentioned centers are considered, first of all, as places for research practice and possible subsequent performance of master dissertation.

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Head of Department, Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry, Full Professor, Prize-winner of the State prize of USSR, Honoured worker in Science of Russian Federation Victor Alexandrovich Kogan.

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